Isagenix has a wonderful compensation plan that allows you to receive a rebate, eat for free, stream an additional income or build a multimillion dollar business. The decision is up to you.

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Heidi and Lal MacAllan, 9 Star Platinum 5 Star Executive

If you had told Heidi and Lal in October 2012, that in less than three years they’d be celebrating
their announcement as Isagenix Millionaires, they’d have told you that you were dreaming. Fast
forward to today and these once overworked parents of two have built freedom for themselves
and a lasting legacy for their family. Through Isagenix they've found a vehicle for transforming
their health and wealth and by sharing the Isagenix opportunity with others, have changed lives
all around the world.

Thank you, Heidi and Lal for contributing to the lives of many and congratulations on becoming
the 14th Isagenix ANZ Millionaires!


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Jill Hayes, Manager, 1 Star Silver Circle

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