At the start of last year I was introduced to Isagenix, however kept saying no due to price & thoughts that this was just going to be another 'diet' I was going to fail at. After weeks of trying to lose weight on my own, nothing I did seemed to be working. I had no motivation at all to change.

After looking through the supportive Facebook groups and seeing such amazing results, I thought I would give it a go, after all what did I have to lose apart from weight & bad habits?

I was so excited when my Presidents Pak came and even started the next day, which was a Saturday & everyone knows you don’t start diets until Mondays! Boom, I had already changed and I hadn’t even started yet.

Before Isagenix my goal had always been to be "skinny".

In fact my whole life I wanted to be "skinny".

However since starting this amazing program and learning so much about how important good nutrition is, my new goal became to be strong. After half a year of providing my body with the absolute best nutrition, I can proudly say that I am and you know what, it honestly is the best feeling in the world!

Every morning I wake up at 4am, sometimes earlier to go to the gym, then work 2 jobs. Without the amazing nutrition and energy that these products provide my body, there's no way I would be able to keep going all day. I used to need a nap between jobs and would feel so tired and lethargic - well not anymore! I absolutely love this new energetic outlook on life.

I used to cringe that the Isabody Challenge was 16 weeks long. I could never stick to a weight loss program for 2 weeks, let alone 16!! I am so thankful that this kept me accountable for such a long time. Every week that went past I learned something knew and achieved goal after goal. From the start I had my eyes on the prize & knew I wanted to win the weight loss category & that I did woohoo! Still the best feeling ever going up on stage in front of 4 thousand people & receiving my 3 THOUSAND dollar cheque!!

The fact that the products taste so good has made this transition so much easier. I can’t believe something so good for you can taste so delicious!

The most important thing I learnt throughout the Isabody Challenge is self-confidence & I am so proud that I am now helping so many of my beautiful friends gain the same confidence & health that I now have ☺️.

For 23 years I've struggled with my weight and felt like the self-conscious 'fat friend'. Well not anymore!! I love my strong body & am honestly the happiest and healthiest I've ever been.

To look in the mirror and actually feel proud is an indescribable feeling, and for that I will be forever grateful to FINALLY saying YES & doing something for myself.

Throughout the day almost every conversation I have, people comment on my weight loss and I proudly say that I am a part of this amazing association. I want to share these amazing products with the world so that everyone can feel this inner beauty that I now have, every single day when I look in the mirror. ☺️

Danielle was among this years IsaBody finalists.