Team Member of the Month

Sandy is a leader. She shows up when chips are down. She enrols no matter what is going on. She is always working hard for

her team despite illness. She is always working even when her cycles aren't growing. Sandy does it anyway.

The last few months a huge shift has occurred in her business and half of my reports for last month filled with her team excelling! Enrolments and rank

advancements and the launch parties are going OFF!

She's won her spot at TOP Achievers and also the influencers Summit rightly so. But today I want to recognise her leadership skills simply staying focused

and putting one foot in front of the other.... That resilience has and continues to pay off as other are choosing to follow. The energy is electric.

I am super proud of this lady and can't wait for cocktails with her this week in Fiji.

October Top Team Sharers

Congratulations to our TOP TEAM SHARERS!

Thanks for sharing the gift of Health!

10 Carley Burchell

9 Anna & James Francis

9 Brooke Darby

9 Leanne and David Doherty

7 David O'connell

6  Lana gaut

6 Sandy and Richard Golder

5 Caroline Power

5 Lauren petrovic

5 Stacey Layt

5 Suzanne Irving

5 Victoria De witts

4 Deborah Thom

4  Fernanda de Campos Prado Penido

4  Joanna Fazzolar

4  Lisa Collings

4 Lorelle Dodds

4 Mick and Nadine Willis

4 Rebekah Femia




October Top Team Developers

4 PET Rank Advancements:

Lana Gaut has helped 1 person Rank Advance to 1 Star Silver Circle Consultant and 3 people to Consultant

3 PET Rank Advancements:

Chelsea and Wiremu have helped  3 people Rank Advance to Consultant

Telina To'o has helped 3 people Rank Advance to Consultant

2 PET Rank Advancements:

Carly Burchell has helped 2 people Rank Advance to Consultant

Sandy and Richard Golder have helped 2 people Rank Advance to Consultant 

1 PET Rank Advancements (above consultant): 

Anne-Maree Evans has helped 1 person Rank Advance to Crystal Manager

Hayley Dobos has helped 1 person Rank Advance to2 Star Silver Circle Crystal Manager

Kirsty Handrick has helped 1 person Rank Advance to Manager

Sascha Mosedale has helped 1 person Rank Advance to 3 Star Golden Circle Crystal Executive




October Rank Advancements


You Share with 10 who share with 2!

3-Star Golden Circle  Crystal Executive - Rebekah Femia



You share with 6 who share with 2!




You share with 2 who share with 2!
This is a level where products are being paid for!

Manager - Heather Martin

Crystal Manager - 2 star silver circle - Kerri Taylor

Crystal Manager - Liz Pino-Nieto




You sharing with 2!

Consultant - 2 Star Silver Circle - Ann Billington

Consultant - 1 Star Silver Circle -Brooke Darby

Consultant - 1 Star Silver Circle - Courtney Lyons




Amber Delaney

Amy Roberts

Antony Mallin

Ashleigh Markham

Bianka Huljich

Deborah Dewberry

Eleni Wilson

Emma Quirk-Baker

Fiona Spence

Gina Oates

Jacqueline Buchanan

Janine Darmanin

Jayne Woods

Jeffrey Welch

Jerome Brown

Jessica Filipaina

Joanna Fazzolari

Julie Trengrove

Karen Morris

Kathy Talevakarua

Katy Sanders

Kristy Yates

Lettie Cooper

Lorelle Dodds

Louise Papst

Lucy Hartmann

Marc Leabres

Margaret Harris

Marie Rodrigues Molesi

Marli Strbik

Megan Kellaway

Melissa Mitchell

Michelle Donnan

Mitchell Montgomery

Nancy Valiente

Natasha Metcalfe

Ruth E Philbin

Robert McCullagh

Serena Harvey

Sharne Hessey

Stacey Thomas

Tammy GarnseyÈ