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Recent Transformations

Danielle Jones

At the start of last year I was introduced to Isagenix, however kept saying no due to price & thoughts that this was just going to be another 'diet' I was going to fail at. After weeks of trying to lose weight on my own, nothing I did seemed to be working. I had no motivation at all to change.

After looking through the supportive Facebook groups and seeing such amazing results, I thought I would give it a go, after all what did I have to lose apart from weight & bad habits?


Christina Laurich

I love Nutritional Cleansing! I started 2 years ago and after my first 30 days I felt less bloated, I had more energy and felt much happier in myself. Despite this, for another 18 months I didn't exercise enough and my bad habits crept back in. Plus I wasn't doing regular cleanse days and so really I wasn't giving myself the best opportunity to succeed.

I faced up to the fact that I really wasn't following the program properly, and decided to commit to the IsaBody Challenge. Doing the challenge got me into so many great habits that I did not stop. I now cleanse weekly, exercise 5 days a week and, I eat more and I'm more organised with my meals so this really is a sustainable lifestyle change for me.